Tom Sawyer - Full Lenght movie - Animation (2000)

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Tom Sawyer - Full Lenght movie - Animation (2000)


Full length movie - 88.52 min - Animation. Based on Mark Twain';s classic novel, this 2000 animated adaptation, features the characters as anthropomorphic animals. Tom and Becky are cats, Huck is a fox, and Injun Joe is a bear. The fun-filled tale takes the three courageous young friends to save their pal from the evil grizzly bear, and along the way they discover adventure, excitement ...and even a buried treasure. Voices include country singers Rhett Akins (as Tom), Mark Wills (as Huck Finn), Lee Ann Womack, Waylon Jennings, Hank Williams Jr. as well as Betty White as Aunt Polly. Note: short commercial interruptions


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July 2010


Tom Sawyer

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