The Backyardigans Racing Adventure

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The Backyardigans Racing Adventure


Game - Are you ready? Your little racer will have a blast driving in this adventure game. Use the mouse to pick a driver (Pablo, Uniqua, or Tyrone) and a car. Then enter your driver's name. Choose between Beginner or Expert levels and the number of laps. Use the arrow keys to drive: the up arrow is forward, down arrow is backward, and the side arrows are for steering. Use the space bar for things like power-ups (the game will remind you to press it). Watch out for other drivers and lightning!


animated, animation, animations, Backyardigans, cars, games, kids games, Nick Jr., Nick Junior, Nickelodeon, races, racetracks, racing

Date Added:

March 2012


Nick Junior, The Backyardigans

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