Flipper - Original - City Boy

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Flipper - Original - City Boy


Full-length episode - 25.34 min. (1964) Season 1, episode 5 'City Boy'. Sandy is feeding Flipper when 'City Boy' Mike Beldon walks up the dock; he teases both Flipper and 'Redneck' Sandy, prompting a wet brawl. The battling teens are stopped by Ricks. Turns out, Mike is going to be staying with the Ricks family for a spell. Soon, Mike has replaced Bud as Sandy's companion and has a bad influence on him. To re-channel their energies, Ricks takes the teens scuba diving. Later, Mike coaxes Sandy to return to a sunken ship, where the two face unexpected danger? Note: commercial interruptions.


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1534 Seconds

Date Added:

August 2010



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